Ready, Steady, Bake it

1st to 30th June

Gorgeous geometric heart cake gems!

In this challenge, you’ll be baking a fresh spongey cake only to crumble it up and transform it into twelve irresistible heart cake gems. 

You’ll have to  balance a few things in this bake, as you’ll need to get your bakes in the oven and create your chocolate shells so they’re cooled in time for your cake pop mix.

There will be decorations and two colours to choose from, so you can create your heart gems in 4 sets, with each set in its own unique  decorated theme.

Everyone will be a winner with these as if you don’t win on the day, you’ll have baked some great gems that can be perfect favors for parties, weddings and even baby showers!

Ready Steady Bake it

Don’t worry if all that sounds too much, our bakes are specially designed for every baking level, so we’ll be sure to give you all the equipment, ingredients and instructions you’ll need.

Children from 8 years old are welcome as long as they are supervised by an adult.

It’s two bakers to a station so pair up with a friend or foe and take on other bakers at one of our evening sessions!

Dietary information:

 Some of our products used may contain traces of nuts and we don’t yet offer vegan alternatives – but we are working on this in the background and hope to make this an option in the coming months.

Gluten Free bakes are now available – but you will need to get in touch with us before your session so we can arrange this for you. 

We do ensure that we only use vegetarian products though, as we don’t believe any animals should be harmed just so we can enjoy some cake!

Please note:

Our images are for illustration and marketing purposes, and your bake may look different depending on your baking level.  However, if you follow our recipe card, you should walk away with something looking similar. For more reflective pictures of our bakes and behind the scenes previews, follow us on our Instagram feed.

Our purpose-built venue has everything you need for the experience, including a team that wash everything up for you! We can accommodate up to two people per station, with each one of our sessions holding up to 20 people max. So it’s perfect for couples, friends, family or even colleagues who want to spend time together.

We’re expected to be busy so book now to avoid disappointment. You can book our Bake-off experience event now, just select your dates to check for availability.

Watch how to create your cand coating: 

If you need some help to create your heart-shaped candy coating, watch the below video.

Make sure to read and follow the instructions below the video too.

Follow our instructions below to create your shells:

  1. Slowly melt your first batch of candy melts on the hob on no higher than temperature 7. It will take a few minutes, but be patient.

  2. Keep stirring and take the double boiler off the heat  just before everything has melted to avoid overheating. You can leave your pan of water on the hob to keep it simmering. 

  3. Depending on your design, you either want to pipe or spoon your candy melts into each cavity. If you want to pipe a pattern on the inside of your moulds, do so a little bit at a time and let each colour set completely before you add any more colours. If you want to create a marble effect, pour whatever colours you are using and briefly marble them together while still melted with a spoon or a lollipop stick.

  4. When you are coating the shells of your geo hearts, make sure you tap the mould onto your worktop several times to remove any trapped air bubbles while it is still melted. You’ll see the air pockets rise to the top as you do this. This will help you achieve a smooth final product.

  5. You will find you need to melt and remelt your candy melts several times, so don’t panic if it starts to set, it won’t take long to remelt. Just keep your pan of water on the hob on a low simmer.  

noteIf you have any excess candy melts in your piping bags that has set or that you don’t need, cut it open and empty it back into the silver double boiler in order to reuse it. 

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