Ready, Steady, Bake it

1st to 28th February

Embrace the cold with this star bake!

One of our most anticipated bakes yet – and why wouldn’t it be as it combines cake with a sweetly crafted chocolate dome! 

Though you’ll need to be at your creative best with this cake, as all bakers will be asked to smash their dome to reveal what lies inside their igloo. 

Whether it’s a penguin party, sleeping seal or raving reindeer – you can get creative with whichever artic animal you choose.

This 90-min bake is fun for every level and age of baker, as you get to grips with making a chocolate dome, getting it cooled and decorating it with the extras provided. That’s on top of you having to bake your best soft sponge cake, topped with frosting and fused with flavours to match your grand theme. 

Don’t worry if all that sounds too much, our bakes are specially designed for every baking level, so we’ll be sure to give you all the equipment, ingredients and instructions you’ll need.

Children from 8 years old are welcome as long as they are supervised by an adult.

It’s two bakers to a station so pair up with a friend or foe and take on other bakers at one of our evening sessions!

Dietary information:

 Some of our products used may contain traces of nuts and we don’t yet offer vegan alternatives – but we are working on this in the background and hope to make this an option in the coming months.

Gluten Free bakes are now available – but you will need to get in touch with us before your session so we can arrange this for you. 

We do ensure that we only use vegetarian products though, as we don’t believe any animals should be harmed just so we can enjoy some cake!

Please note:

Our images are for illustration and marketing purposes, and your bake may look different depending on your baking level.  However, if you follow our recipe card, you should walk away with something looking similar. For more reflective pictures of our bakes and behind the scenes previews, follow us on our Instagram feed.

Our purpose-built venue has everything you need for the experience, including a team that wash everything up for you! We can accommodate up to two people per station, with each one of our sessions holding up to 20 people max. So it’s perfect for couples, friends, family or even colleagues who want to spend time together.

We’re expected to be busy so book now to avoid disappointment. You can book our Bake-off experience event now, just select your dates to check for availability.

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