Ready, Steady, Bake it

October - November

It’s an exciting time for us as we look to make our event experience a permanent fixture in Leeds.

Our current building is going through a transformation and there just isn’t room for us anymore, along with the plans we have to make our events bigger and better.

We’ve had a difficult start to our journey as we were set to open our doors just before the COVID pandemic. 

When we finally got through that, a huge war started in Europe which contributed to rising costs we’re all facing.

Despite this though, our doors have welcomed thousands of bakers to try out our baking experience and we’ll carrying on with our events – just not at the same home.

We’ve been working on bringing you ‘cookalongs’ for cuisines like pizza, pasta and sushi, and also baking masterclasses for those who want to level-up from home baker to professional pâtissier.

There’s much more we’ve been working and we’re so excited to share our new themed bakes too, but right now, our focus is on moving to our new home. Don’t worry, we’ll reveal this very soon but it will be close by to our current home.

For those who have vouchers and were looking to book over the coming weeks, then we’ll b sure to extend these for the time we are closed. We’ll update this on our website close to the time.

In the meantime, September is the last time you can enjoy our bake-off experience at our current venue, so get your tickets while you can and see if you can take the master baker prize home!

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